Monday, October 17, 2011

Will wonders ever cease? OR They both slept till 7!! 10-16-11

Yesetrday morning I thought I heard talking so I tried to force my eyes open and checked the time. 7 O'CLOCK! I jumped up and immediately wondered was something wrong? The baby hadn't woken me up and Cash hadn't called out, something was wrong! I heard the talking again and ruling out my snoring neighbor I moved towards the door to the boy's room. I saw the light turn on and paused, Cash was out of bed, but again he hadn't called for me. I tip toed to their door and peered through the crack to see Cash swing one leg over the crib rail and hurle himself into the crib with brother who was awake as well. He began to tell his little brother that it was morning now so he needed to take out his pacifier, brother of course did not agree. I watched for a few minutes as they "chatted" and played, then let them know I was awake too and we could go downstairs. I couldn't wait to tell Ryan the fantastic discovery I had made that morning, a memory to last forever.

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